How Are We Different?

Dr. Pejic is precise.

Dr. Pejic originally trained in general surgery before switching into psychiatry.  The things that drew him into surgery - diligence and meticulousness - are what make him good at providing TMS.  Specifically, he uses an advanced technique to locate the correct treatment spot on the brain.  This is important since 1 in 3 patients undergoing TMS via less precise methods are not receiving treatment in the correct location.  This can lead to treatment failure. 

Theta Burst

Dr. Pejic employs Theta Burst, which is an advanced frequency of magnetic stimulation.  This frequency allows him to provide more powerful stimulation in less time and with less discomfort.  This allows you to complete the treatment in minutes and then be on your way.

Length Of Treatment

The frequency of magnetic stimulation that Dr. Pejic uses allows him to provide twice daily treatment, cutting the total treatment time in half, as well as shortening the treatment sessions.  

Wonderful Staff

Dr. Pejic is supported by his TMS coordinator, Erin Thomas, his front desk staff, and a team of therapists that he meets with weekly.   During your treatment you will interact with Mrs. Thomas daily and have the option of entering psychotherapy to augment your treatment.  Dr. Pejic has carefully chosen his treatment team - making sure that they are well-trained and compassionate clinicians.  

Elegant Office Setting 

The Antonine Professional Arts Center is a beautiful building with a modern interior decor that is welcoming.  We want to make your TMS treatment experience smooth, comfortable, and private.   We provide complementary diet soda, coffee, and Le Croix at all visits.  

Convenient Location 

We are located in Uptown New Orleans with available on street parking, near St. Charles Avenue and 8 minutes from the Interstate. 

Lower Cost

Our TMS machine allows for flexibility in treatment protocols and, in turn, lower cost to provide treatment.   We try to develop an affordable treatment plan with our patients - providing best value and optimal results.