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Virtual  Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) is a highly effective treatment where you face your fears or phobias in the privacy of our offices or your home.  

Our therapists have specialized training in exposure therapy using virtual reality. We use it to reduce symptoms of social anxiety (including public speaking and social interactions) and various phobias (fear of needles, fear of flying, fear of driving - including on bridges and tunnels, fear of heights, fear of public spaces, fear of closed spaces - including MRIs and elevators, and fear of animals - including spiders, dogs, and cockroaches.  


First, your therapist will conduct a thorough assessment identifying your specific needs and goals. Then, her or she will work with you to create your individualized fear and avoidance hierarchy and design a treatment plan using virtual reality to gradually and systematically help you to approach your fears.

The use of virtual reality makes exposure therapy more practical, easier to implement, and often is effective with fewer sessions. Through a confidential client-therapist relationship, you will gain confidence in approaching your fears and learn new skills to manage your anxiety such that your fear may no longer limit your life.

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