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Group Therapy

Atlas Psychiatry offers a variety of private therapy groups, led by our team of skilled and caring therapists. Groups are offered multiple times per year (Spring, Summer, and Fall). Each group runs for 8 or 10 weekly sessions, and each session lasts 90 or 120 minutes. Groups are limited to 5 to 9 participants to allow active participation from all members. 

New Orleans Group Therapy

The Men's Group or Woman's Group

  • This group is designed for people experiencing stress related to life events such as grief, illness, addiction, divorce, and career transitions.

  • You will have a supportive, therapeutic environment to foster emotional growth, practice personal problem solving, and learn psychological insights.  

  • This group will entertain specific topics of interest to participants as well.

  • The cost of the group is $65 per 90-minute session ($650 total), and a 10-session commitment is required.

The Anxiety Skills Group

  • This group offers effective cognitive-behavioral skills and mindfulness training to help you deal with anxiety and day-to-day issues. Mindfulness is a process of cultivating moment to moment awareness and being present. Research shows that mindfulness reduces anxiety and treats depression by creating lasting changes in the brain. 

  • A commitment to self-practice while away from the group is required to get the full benefits of the program and we will work together to overcome the barriers that many people have with self-practice. 

  • The cost of the group is $81.25 per 2 hour session ($650 total), and an 8-session commitment is required.​

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