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General Testimonials

Patient A

"Been seeing Dr. Nick for almost two years now and he's indispensable! Smart guy, good listener, worth the money. There was some trial and error with my meds at first, but I stuck with him and we've landed on treatment that works very well for me. Relief is priceless and worth the wait. Be patient, do what the doctor says and trust the process."

Patient B

"I want to thank Dr. Pejic for the professionalism and dedication to mental health treatment, as one of his patients who has a big responsibility in running a family owned business. I need to be on top of my mental health or run the risk of being less productive and jeopardizing the success of our business.

Dr. Pejic is very professional but shows enough empathy to know that he does care that you are receiving the best treatment possible. Dr. Pejic is on the cutting edge of mental health treatment which can be seen in the fact that he provides TMS treatment. I have been seeing Dr. Pejic for over 2 years and I have never felt more confident that with his guidance we can continue to battle the mental health issues that come my way.

I strongly recommend Dr. Pejic to anyone who needs a high level of service."

Patient C

"If it wasn't for the treatment I have received from you Dr. Pejic, I honestly I do not know where I would be..... I do know that it wouldn't be as good of a place I am right now... If I would even be here.....

Life changing to say the least, Dr. Pejic and his assistant are there for me. No matter what the occasion whether it is Christmas, New Years or even his own wedding etc. There are so many accomplishments & changes in my life that are a direct result of the treatment and care I have received from Dr. Pejic and his staff. 

Confidentiality, professionalism, constantly evolving, warm and personable, dependable, thoughtful and considerate, successful and what I believe to be the most important is [treats me like an] individual-meaning I am a person, someone of worth, I am not just a number nor a test subject, but someone the Dr. takes time with and asks questions etc...

I have done skype visits, phone visits & have had family members pick my meds. Not once have I had any concern that I wouldn't receive the proper care & treatment everyone deserves."

Patient D

"Thank you for your interest in my opinions about your office and services.  I cannot recommend any changes to you because I have absolutely no complaints.  I find both of you to be accommodating and easy to work with. 


Dr. Pejic is so easy to talk to.  He has a chair side manner that makes me feel at ease about sharing whatever is on my mind.  I just think he is really great at what he does.  

Also, the scheduling system (schedulicity) makes appointment setting SO simple.  I like that.  Also I like the privacy of the antiroom situated outside the Doctor's office."

Patient E

"Dr. Nick, I truly enjoyed our sessions together. You took the time to listen to what I was saying, to dig deeper, and to adjust my medications accordingly.  If something wasn't working, you took me off of it and searched for a better alternative."

Patient F

"In my thinking,  my problems are minor as compared to what I expect others may be suffering.  Yet,  Dr. Pejic always welcomes me,  never makes me feel that I am wasting his time. I feel supported, cared for.


I appreciate most, the natural aspect of the consultation.  Dr. Pejic challenges me when necessary,  makes me explain more or think more deeply about what I say, and laughs at (or with) me when warranted.


Dr. Pejic is always patient with me, even with my repetitions from one visit to the next.


I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Pejic to anyone seeking help with emotional or psychiatric issues."

Patient G

"When I relocated to New Orleans, upon recommendation of my insurance carrier, I met with two (2) other Psychiatrists who although professional, I never felt comfortable during the visits nor did either specialize in the treatment of my disease. 


I have been a patient of Dr. Pejic now for 4 years (not sure of the date of my first visit) even though he does not accept any insurance.  I feel fortunate to have found such a knowledgeable, empathic physician who has such compassion for his work and patients. 


Dr. Pejic strives with great success to ensure the privacy of his patients and shows respect for his patient’s valuable time.  Rarely have I had to sit in his waiting room for more than 10 minutes and never has there been another patient present while waiting for my appointment. 


Dr. Pejic is honest and forthright but does so with such a gentle kindness and incredible consideration, that you actually want to share with him the darkest, most difficult times you suffer.  I always walk out of his office feeling better than I did when I entered!"

Patient H

"I am a dually diagnosed addict with a couple years of sobriety under my belt. Ive run the gauntlet with mental health treatment over the past fifteen years. Dr. Pejic is a somewhat new and yet vital part of my recovery from addiction, depression, ADD, anxiety and so on. His standard of care clearly exceeds the norm and he is the best psych doctor ive ever been to."

Patient I

"Dr. Pejic surprised me. He has a gift not only of compassion, he has an uncanny ability to zero in on the complex, unique ways your brain works and how this affects ones life. I have always fought depression. It has crippled my life, like so many others. The shame and self hatred, the burden I was to any who knew me. With a change of medication by Dr. Pejic's care and knowledge, my life has greatly improved. I reconnected with a part of myself I didn't even realize was missing. I am so thankful."

Patient J

"On the slightly above average price but fantastic "customer" service, very comfortable place and he's helpful. Only down side is the weird music in the waiting room. Take it over a clinic any day. Worth every penny."

Patient K

"The best of Dr. Pejic is that he's thorough, aware, meticulous. He brother is also a great GP at Tulane. So runs in the family. Takes a fine inventory and is obviously natively intelligent and helpful. No weird music playing in the waiting room when I went. Got me in during a medication emergency same day of my phone call. Pricey, but under the circumstances, worth it. Close to my home, also, where the other doctor I was considering wasn't. He sniffed me and asked if I was drinking. I finally figured out he smelled the alcohol in my hair gel. Pretty impressive. Think he should be a wine taster in his second iteration!"

Patient L

"Dr. Pejic has been my Doctor for almost four years now. He has been instrumental in my recovery and progress through some very difficult situations in my life. He understands medicine very well and communicates articulately also utilizing common sense and best practices. He is perceptive and has a good memory. He is most importantly ethical and has integrity. I trust him. I value his advice and his opinion. With his guidance and help as a medical professional I continue to grow and achieve despite life's curve balls. I highly recommend Dr. Pejic to anyone committed to addressing their need for professional support and health."

Patient M

"I have been a patient of Dr. Pejic's for over three years. I suffer with social anxiety and depression. Dr. Pejic has helped me overcome a lot. And helped me to live with my diagnosis. I have seen several psychiatrists and psychologists in my life. Dr. far is my favorite. His demeanor and approach to my issues are specific and I feel he sincerely cares about me. 


One thing I like about Dr. Pejic is he makes me think. He encourages me to face my problems. And has helped me understand myself and my ability to deal with my disorders. I look forward to talking with him every month. I always come out with a better understanding. He is a wonderful doctor, and friend." 

Patient N

"Dr. Pejic listened intently in our first session, taking careful note of details that even I thought insignificant. He is extremely intent on finding the correct diagnosis, and does not jump to conclusions until he has really gotten to know you. He asked if I would do testing with Dr. Niditch, and I did.

Dr. Niditch was also extremely accommodating and attentive. She collected an enormous amount of information from me, my relatives, my spouse, and from different tests, eventually compiling it all into exactly the detailed, empirical report I wanted.

The staff is responsive, the office is gorgeous, and every conversation I've had with one of the doctors has been very comfortable.

Bottom line: If you want a healthcare provider who listens, takes a comprehensive account of your mind, and is not impetuous in ascribing a treatment plan, choose these folks. Their efforts have given me immense relief from many problems that I considered immutable."

Patient O

"Dr. Pejic has worked with my son's very complicated case with much care and thought. He listens, researches, and has gone above and beyond to help him. I'm very grateful."

Patient P

"Dr. Pejic is a top-notch doctor. He really takes his time to get to know patients and works diligently to help. Even though he has apologized a few times for being late, he is on time 99% of the time which is a much higher number than most doctors I have been to. He is a caring doctor and will do whatever it takes to make a patient better, while also having great integrity. Last but not least, he is a thinker; he consults medical manuals and thinks about new strategies and treatments."

Patient Q

"I have a background in psychology and medicine as well as extensive personal experience, so I’m very tough and critical of therapists/social workers and Psychiatrists. I’ve also lived in multiple other states and have had to filter through quite a few who didn’t meet my needs. So it’s with the greatest confidence that I recommend Dr Pejic as one of the best psychiatrists in this city. He’s not just intelligent, he is QUICK - he catches nuances in a way that cannot be learned but is instead part of the way his analytical mind works. Furthermore, psych is a unique specialty where I truly believe the medications transcend the requirement of a sound science background and delve more into an intuitive art form where it is necessary to balance chemistry with a profound grasp of a person’s unique nature. Dr. Pejic has a rare gift and it is not easy to find someone of this caliber in medicine."

Patient R

"Dr. Pejic and his associates are empathetic, professional, and wonderful diagnosticians. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a caring psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist."

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