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Couples Therapy

We provide couples therapy using the Gottman Method, an empirically supported, systematic approach to helping couples strengthen their relationships.

Couples initially meet with the therapist to undergo a thorough assessment over the course of three sessions. First, the couple will meet with the therapist for 90 minutes to discuss the issues that brought them into therapy and the history of the relationship. The individuals then complete an exhaustive questionnaire that provides us with expectations of the relationship and potential conflicts. This allows the therapist to join with the couple in clearly 

identifying the strengths and challenges of the relationship, and prioritizing what work needs to be done first. Next, each individual meets one-on-one with the therapist to help us understand each individual's background and core issues they are bringing to the relationship. The last stage of the assessment process is a feedback session in which the therapist reviews information gathered and discusses pillars of a healthy relationship. Thereafter, couples therapy typically lasts from three to six months, with ongoing booster sessions as needed.

Through therapy, couples learn how to better manage conflict and build a stronger connection that will help them have more trust, fun, passion, and joy in their relationship.  We like to "move the needle" for our clients, and the Gottman Method achieves this in a methodical and effective manner.  

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