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Medication Management

New Orleans Psychiatrist Office

After completing an initial psychiatric evaluation with your psychiatrist, you will meet at a mutually agreed upon frequency to refine your diagnosis, manage medications, and address new problems that may arise. You and your psychiatrist will decide together if follow-up sessions are to be attended as a family or one-on-one.

Drs. Pejic, Anson, and Rahman are physicians with extensive training in psychopharmacology. They prescribe a full range of psychoactive medications and are trained to manage their side effects. They understand the care that is required in choosing the best medication and that patients need a personalized plan -- not all patients are the same. 

For child and adolescent patients, our doctors understand the risks and benefits of using different medications across each stage of development and will discuss these with you in a direct manner. For both child and adult patients, your psychiatrist will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that your medication plan is safe and effective. 

Our doctors understand that medications need to be affordable for lasting long-term treatment. Whenever possible, they aim to reduce or discontinue redundant, harmful, or ineffective medications. They understand that medications can make a world of difference, but they have limitations. Sometimes the answer is less substance use, better work/life balance, changes at home or school, or building better coping skills, not additional medications. They understand that a good treatment plan is collaborative and built on trust and communication with your doctor.

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