After completing an initial psychiatric evaluation with Dr. Pejic, you will meet with him at a mutually agreed upon frequency to refine your diagnosis, manage medications, and address new problems that may arise.


Dr. Pejic is a physician with extenstive training in neuroscience, neuropsychiatry, and psychopharmacology.  He prescribes a full range of psychoactive medications and is trainined to manage their side effects.  He understands the care that is required in choosing the best medication and that patients need a personalized plan-not all patients are the same.  


Whenever possible, Dr. Pejic aims to reduce or discontinue redundant, harmful, or ineffective medications. He understands that  medications can make a world of difference, but they have limitations. Sometimes the answer is less substance use and better work/life balance, not additional medications.

Dr. Pejic understands that medications need to be affordable for lasting long term treatment.  A good treatment plan is collaborative and often includes medication, education, individual, couples, or group therapy, and lifestyle changes.