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tele-medicine & tele-therapy

Atlas Psychiatry brings world-class mental health treatment to your neighborhood. Tele-medicine and tele-therapy sessions allow you to see your psychiatrist or therapist via a secure phone or video connection, using your computer or smartphone. Our doctors use e-prescribing, which allows us to seamlessly send prescriptions to your nearest pharmacy.

There are a variety of reasons why online mental health services may be right for you or your child:

  • You may find it more convenient to receive treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

  • If you live in Louisiana but outside of the greater New Orleans area, you may have trouble finding high-quality services locally. You may find that local providers have long wait times for new patients or are not available when you need help.

  • Online psychiatry and therapy can also be an excellent option for established patients who cannot come for an in-office visit due to travel or other life circumstances.

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