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TMS Testimonials


Patient A

“Before I started TMS, I was worried that there were no options left for me treatment-wise.  I wasn’t responding to medication as well as I would have liked and was desperate to try anything to feel better.  When I first started TMS treatment, I didn’t notice much of a difference, but something changed around the 4th week.  A month after I finished TMS, I started to feel better than I have in years.  Now, five months later, I feel like a totally different person.  My life has changed completely and I’m finally able to pursue my passions that were muted by depression for so long I finally feel like I’m living rather than just surviving.”  

Depression score before TMS 25/27, after 4/27.

Patient B

“My first experience with TMS, to be honest, was teeth rattling and thumb/hand shaking. I was thinking that this is too strong a stimuli for what it should accomplish.  The 4 seconds of rapping on the brain seemed much longer.  However, after adjusting for proper placement the rapping became more bearable and with 30 seconds to prepare each time for the next round it became tolerable.  So went the next 5 weeks of treatment with each time somewhat better than before in that I became first accepting then hopeful that this rather strong action must be affecting the area of my brain in a positive manner.  In observing my progress, I first came in under a cloud of depression.  By the end of the procedure I definitely noticed that the sad issues I was dealing with were no longer taking up my entire day.  In fact, I was for the first time in a very long time, able to actually think and plan for my future.  The overbearing cloud had lifted and I didn’t feel so oppressed anymore.  I was able to deal with issues in a much clearer way and the sadness was replaced by a glimmer of hope.  To me, it’s not the panacea to treating depression, but a major part in lifting that cloud you have over your head so you may begin thinking more clearly.  I highly recommend this treatment to all who continue to suffer with depression when medicine does not work any longer."    

Depression score before TMS 12/27, after 3/27.

Patient C

“Around the third week I woke up and just sat in my room.  I was afraid to leave the room since I hadn’t felt this good in such a long time.  So, I just sat there to enjoy feeling good.  Now that I’m no longer depressed, I am engaging in life again.  TMS has allowed me to do the psychotherapy and make the life changes to thrive again. The TMS experience was totally painless and Erin and I listened to grunge music during my treatment!  Dr. Pejic and the Atlas staff had the utmost concern for my wellbeing during the entire process and even checked up on me after. I’m continuing to feel better every day and I totally believe that it was TMS that was able to help me feel like my normal self again after battling mental illness for over 15 years. I’m not taking any antidepressants and I feel amazing!”  

Depression score before TMS 21/27, after 2/27

Patient D

“I started TMS to get help with my chronic depression. I have to admit that I was a little bit leary at first, but after it was thoroughly explained to me by Dr. Pejic, my doubts dissipated. The actual procedure, for me, was pretty relaxing.  It feels like a “beakless” woodpecker knocking on your head for a few seconds, then there’s a break.  A calming alert lets you know the next round is coming. It was not painful for me at all. In fact, I imagined each beat chiseling the depression away. I feel that this has essentially “knocked out”  my chronic depression in that I am more eager to participate in life and I “stop to smell the roses” more often. I savor the little things now, where before I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Not a good feeling.This has offered me hope, freedom from my depressed thoughts, and true happiness. I finally feel like a “normal” person. I am so grateful to God and Dr. Pejic and his staff (Erin is terrific!) for introducing me to this life and mind saving technique. Thank you!!!”  

Depression score before TMS 15/27, after 4/27

Patient E

“Initially, I began TMS because I was having a lot of side effects from the pharmaceuticals I was taking and the medication I was on wasn't as effective as it had once been.  I've struggled with depression and anxiety for nearly 20 years, and was later diagnosed with PTSD after an intense traumatic episode, Ever since that diagnosis five years ago, medication just never seemed to truly equalize me - it just kept me afloat; however, once my symptoms became more pronounced, medication wasn't able to remedy the symptoms I experienced every day.  The actual TMS process was sometimes awkward - sitting in a chair for prolonged periods of time was difficult at first.  The first few weeks of treatment, I was engulfed in my depression, I could barely get out of bed, I was crying all the time, and I had suicidal thoughts.  After four weeks and changing the position of the magnet and duration of treatment, I started to feel lighter.  I started to exercise, it was easier to do normal tasks.  Meanwhile, my anxiety started to creep back in more aggressively, so we also began treatment on the right side of my head.  I've noticed a definite change in my mood.  It's easier to handle moments of stress and my once enveloped wall of despair has seemed to dissipate.  I feel more like my old self again.”


Depression score before TMS 25/27, after 2/27

Patient F

"I had a very positive experience during TMS at Atlas. I feel tons better now, I am much more able to participate in activities with other people and also much more productive on a personal level. I'm very glad that i participated in this and hopefully the effects will continue to last."

Depression score before TMS 12/27, after 5/27

Patient G

"Over the course of my TMS treatment I saw a gradual improvement in my productivity and mood. Without any drastic immediate changes noticed, it was easier and easier to get of bed each morning and to fill my days with meaningful and productive behavior. I experienced almost no side effects except for a minor headache at the beginning of treatment. Overall since treatment ended I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am able to function more normally in everyday life.

Depression score before TMS 22/27, after 4/27

Patient H

"TMS was a miracle for me. When my regular psychiatrist recommended TMS with Dr. Pejic, I had been on antidepressants and anti anxiety medications for more than 15 years. I reached a crisis point where I was suicidal and did nothing but stay in the house and my anxiety was 12/10. Within two treatments I could feel the decrease in anxiety, and after a week of daily treatments my family and close friends were seeing a difference. I have completed the treatments now and life is so much brighter and more fulfilling. Dr. Pejic is amazing as are his office staff. The depression is all but gone, the anxiety is vastly decreased, and I have more energy. If you are on the fence, I recommend giving it a try."

Depression score before TMS 18/27, after 2/27

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