The initial psychiatric evaluation is the cornerstone of advanced psychiatric treatment. Many patients have been misdiagnosed or misinformed about their diagnoses. Dr. Pejic enjoys figuring out the real problem and developing a plan to help you feel better and improve your life.


During your initial evaluation, Dr. Pejic will spend 60 minutes with you, conducting a thorough and detailed evaluation to ensure that you are properly diagnosed.  He will identify your chief complaint, detail all symptoms clusters, measure severity of symptoms, and determine the timeframe of illness.


Dr. Pejic will rule out issues caused by medical problems, substance use, personality or poor attention, as these require different forms of treatment.


At the end of your evaluation, Dr. Pejic will educate you about your diagnosis and create a collaborative treatment plan.  This includes discussing medications and side effects, writing prescriptions, ordering tests to help clarify the diagnosis, and making referrals to psychotherapy if needed.